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Selling a Semogue SOC boar brush in cherry handle together with a new/unused tub of B&M 42 shave soap.  The SOC is lightly used and just now approaching a nicely broken in state.  Combined retail is $65 +shipping.  Selling here for $44 shipped CONUS.  Please PM if interested.
[Image: db5d16bb86af5c06372091258d7e93bc.jpg]
[Image: 30b7b94fe5c1d9a35761b11511138098.jpg]
[Image: 0fce0e2560257d7c5ae271b7d753f34f.jpg]
[Image: ddac01eaaed9f6d15fc6cd09bc99757d.jpg]
Additional pic of the new/unused 42
[Image: b489d112112661bdad980b6acbd73631.jpg]

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42 is spf. Will take $25 shipped for the SOC.

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