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Hello DFS,
Parting with a few items to continue my efforts to downsize. It's been several months since I purchased anything new, and I hope to continue the trend for a while longer (no promises).
Please CONUS/Paypal.

1. Everset (Varlet) U-2 in Ivory Slate (SOLD)
From Aldo's original description: "Named after the spy plane that is also nicknamed "Dragon Lady". 25mm x 48 loft. It is the same knot specs as the Orion. The handle is about 57mm tall. Inspired by several Rubber-Set models". These brushes were put up for sale one time in 2017 and as far as I know, have not been available since. The hair on this brush is luxuriously soft and the handle is very comfortable in my hand. Non-shedder. Very lightly used and I have the original packaging. Retail was $170 + $8 shipping.

Price is $165 shipped

[Image: TTvvIzC.png]

[Image: e8ecQpT.png]

2. Lot of 3 soaps (SOLD)
  • B&M Reserve Cool - Used 12x, Retail 17.99
  • WhollyKaw DM Fougere Parfaite - Used 9x, Retail 25.99
  • Stirling Scots Pine Sheep - Used 3x, Retail 12.95
Total Retail was 56.93 + Shipping

Price is $28 shipped

[Image: HstFQE1.png]

[Image: m1oh5k5.png]

3. Rooney Finest 2/1 (SOLD)

The specs are 22mm x 52mm. This is the softest original Finest hair that I have tried and the knot has firm backbone despite the high loft.  No scritch and non-shedder. It'll come with it's red box.

Price is $375 shipped.

[Image: 0VLcALF.png]

[Image: H1tYcPe.png]

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Rooney and Everset have been sold, soaps are still available.

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