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Hi There,

I have on offer the OneBlade Core V2 razor, OneBlade synthetic brush (22mm), and 10 Feather FHS blades. The razor was only used a handful of times and has been cleaned thoroughly. The brush is brand new. I'm sorry for the poor lighting in the brush pic. The razor retails for $50 and brush for $30, I believe. I'm offering both for $35 shipped CONUS.

[Image: KW2Vba1.jpg]
[Image: ljbn7Wi.jpg]

Thanks for looking!

San Jose, California
Got the Genesis kit?

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Yes, sir! I was close to keeping this one, since it shaves almost as well. But, I will see if someone else wants to give it a shot before investing in the Genesis. For those who don't carry on bags for flights, it could make a nice travel option.

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Price drop - $35
What a great deal! PM sent.

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