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Munich area, Germany
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Good day gentlemen.

Up for grabs is a Morris & Forndran 3XL Blonde Badger in 30x50.

It’s a very luxurious brush, no shedding and in perfect condition. I am the second owner. My predecessor has used the brush less than 5 times and I have used it once. 30mm is just too big for my taste. I paid $ 215 for it.

Would consider trading for a Paladin.

£150 / $ 190 / EUR 170 shipped.

[Image: a78cb5d2434cf0d682bfdf08806844e2.jpg]

[Image: 302e2da6ad909dd0f789954f172491bd.jpg]

[Image: a96c0938017b34216508ae7cfd3ac3b7.jpg]

[Image: 149ba4dfe57ad3fd938150ee41275bac.jpg]

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