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Bbs-1 complete set with box, jurgen hempel anodized titanium handle plus set of frags.  sold
[Image: 2dfafc9c00af16f20e6b5179cb2cd723.jpg][Image: 7f73e7a0c906e55315883db24628e801.jpg][Image: 8a1e56b6b13bf8e92fad65f064150cc0.jpg][Image: 72724dff878eca448184a1b2b64704a9.jpg][Image: 20f49935f04fb391382baeac9f10935f.jpg][Image: 69f389cc4168636e084ec6ec8b10474b.jpg][Image: 1183578c35da3f9dceff920a92b78115.jpg][Image: cc6bc01b41ff4da20f9990cd4fd41d57.jpg]

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Wow! Don’t see a BBS-1 come up for sale very often! Good luck with the Sale!

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Congratulations! I missed it, what was the asking price?

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