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I have not been using it recently. I am very much in the mild camp, and though the CB does wonders with it's wider gaps, I still have trouble with my super sensitive skin. Thus, for sale I have a Karve Christopher Bradley in brass with a three inch handle, and SB plates A, B, and C.

I have used it off and on for 6 months, keeping it clean and in close to factory condition. It has recently been lightly buffed up with brasso and is in very good condition.

According to the Karve site, a razor with a 3" handle, cap and one plate is $75 USD. Two additional plates at $23/ea. This brings the total to $121.

Asking $90 shipped CONUS. PayPal G&S. Thanks for looking.

[Image: 4e8c8569f603170c39922c8623715b6c.jpg][Image: 36d2108c4e3d605633a6e0d41c29179f.jpg][Image: 803f84e40bef154b30ededc74144d7d0.jpg]

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I'm going drop the price early to $85 ($36 off retail) so I can clear this out. If it still doesn't sell, I'll pull it and save it for a family member. I need to get some of them into the cult... I mean hobby.

Thanks for looking everyone.
Sending PM

New York

New York
Sold. Thanks folks. :-)

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