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I'm selling a Heritage Morris & Forndran Tigris Blonde brush!

It was 100% made by Lee Sabini in the UK using a super soft blonde badger 24mm knot, with 50mm loft. It splays like a dream and has a super cool color scheme. I'm also including a mystery soap if you're feeling a little adventurous!

Yours for $165 shipped CONUS!

[Image: vqpXkud.jpg]

[Image: 44nVmdm.jpg]

[Image: eW7Mibo.jpg]

[Image: ZLDbdsf.jpg]

[Image: p7SaONv.jpg]

[Image: JGv6pxz.jpg]

[Image: KxNofJk.jpg]

[Image: 6hX3t4H.jpg]

[Image: bDDjOUQ.jpg]

[Image: zeILQo4.jpg]
Now SPF.

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