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Getting down to the end of my den clearance. Prices are listed shipped CONUS only.

Blackland Dart- Excellent condition: $85

Barbaros TR-2- great condition, some small surface scratches from use and the tin has a dent: $205 SOLD

SV Faux Tortoise- beautiful brush. I believe these are listed as 26mm but feels more like 28mm: $125- comes with tube SOLD

Paladin Chief- I don’t have the specs on this but it’s in excellent condition: $115 no tube or card SOLD

Paladin Cleo in Tigris- Same as with the tortoise, I don’t have the specs: $115 no tube or card SOLD

Wild West Brushworks- beautiful resin and 24mm tux knot: $30 SOLD

Soap Lot: $115 shipped SOLD
THB Lavender Creeper- 80%+
NO Kaboom Set- 98%
NO Nectar Amissa- 95%
SV Tundra Artica (in L&L tub) used once
CK Blue Samhain- 98%
Local Gent Kona Colada- 99%
PAA Garden of Bali- unused

[Image: 4zA3Rd4.jpg][Image: hHsjATD.jpg][Image: xA3Fe9p.jpg][Image: kFttUPi.jpg][Image: B2S9yjE.jpg][Image: 1FcjceF.jpg][Image: VmN0zOM.jpg][Image: rzNwLC5.jpg][Image: EkQclqg.jpg][Image: qmbauVA.jpg]

Thanks for looking

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TR-2, Wild West brush and soap lot sold
SV Brush sold
Paladins sold. Only Dart remains
All sold but dart. Moving to new thread. Please archive

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