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I am offering the following brushes up for sale today:

- **Traded** That Darn Rob 'Remnant' w/ 24 mm Tuxedo (new) $41 **Traded**
- Envy Shave '8-ball' 25 mm Black Wolf fan (lightly used) $62
- Honey Farm Design Finest Badger 26 mm (new) $57
- **Sold** Masetto w/ Finest 30 mm (lightly used) $36 **Sold**
- Black & White Ebony w/ TurnNShave quarter moon 25 mm (lightly used) $82

All prices include CONUS shipping and PayPal fees. Thank you for looking.

[Image: eppfULT.jpg][Image: UDBXYmN.jpg][Image: TzKaTt9.jpg]
- Josh

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