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Hi guys, it has been awhile since I have sold a brush on DFS.  

I have this handle that I nicely turned and polished, but then when I glued it up, I added just a tad too much epoxy for the coin on the bottom.  It seeped out ever so little, but at least evenly.  You can see it on the left side and on the bottom part of the coin.  At least it seeped nicely. Because it was designed around a particular request, the socket hole size is 24mm ~ 12mm deep, but can be drilled deeper. Because of my mistake, I am reducing the price by $30 for which I normally would sell it. Keep in mind, the slanted flutes actually made this a more costly handle initially, so now it your chance to buy one that would cost even less than my standard handles with this discount. also, keep in mind, I do not ship any badger knotted handles internationally.

"Tmesis" shape
WW "Party on Bourbon Street" color theme
Socket hole is 24mm ~ 12mm deep, but can be drilled deeper.

Knot options that I have in stock that will fit:
Handle only ($65 + shipping)
22mm TGN synthetic, shown in 2 images. ($77 + shipping)
22mm TGN Best Pictured in most of the images. ($88 + shipping) (This is a nice and soft knot, an underrated knot, IMHO. To me, indistinguishable from a lower end Silvertip.)
22mm TGN Finest bulb ($91 + shipping)
22mm Shavemac Pure Fan ($102 + Shipping) yeah, see picture), Pure Fan shape with about 46-47mm maximum loft.
[Image: DSC09641.jpeg?format=750w][Image: DSC09642.jpeg?format=750w][Image: DSC09643.jpeg?format=750w]
[Image: DSC09645.jpeg?format=750w]
[Image: DSC09648.jpeg?format=750w][Image: DSC09647.jpeg?format=750w][Image: DSC09649.jpeg?format=750w]

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I just bought two brushes yesterday, so not for me, but I did want to say that this is really beautiful. The coin is great, and I love the ridges and soft angles at the base of the handle.

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