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I Böker 14 “Arbolito” Tree Brand Solingen, Germany

I’m very fond of 14’s in fact any razor with a 14 on it and my interest piques. Spanish 14’s and Solingen 14’s are hard to beat in my opinion. I own a few.

I haven't seen many Böker 14’s over the last several years. They’re out there I’m sure of it though I’ve not seen them. 

This Böker is a very nicely ground Solingen 14, top and bottom jimps, real hollow, and a nice thin bevel toe to heel. The steel is hard, much so than my Filarmonica’s. Couldn’t tell you how much more only that it takes a little more finessing on the stones than a swift and easy Filly. It will reward you with a keen smooth edge.

I bought this razor NOS though it’s not any more, it has not seen much use. Whoever had this razor stored it away and took good care of it. I’ve done the same. It gives a wonderful shave as a perfectly ground 14 would be expected.

Comes shave ready to my specs. You may or may not run with it though rest assured it will give you what you are looking for. It’s good steel. Original box included.

$250 $225 PayPal “Goods & Services” only. Includes shipping USPS Priority Small Box flat rate.

[Image: zgzjnHk.jpg]
[Image: NYRDd46.jpg]
[Image: OdfpIar.jpg]
[Image: K3y9JKR.jpg]
[Image: nK8Z2yf.jpg]

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Oh, man

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Oh my!!!

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I had one of those some years ago when I used to shave with straights. Physical issues prevent me from using straights now and sold it. Great razor ! GLWTS.

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Price adjustment now $225
Item is sold

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