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Good evening gentlemen,

I need to raise some money for family reasons, and have thus decided to sell some of my hardware.

For now I am selling my Blackbird in black oxide. I bought it for EUR 200 including shipping from the US. It’s been used some 15 times. I cleaned it with a microfiber cloth after each shave.

Selling it for EUR 150, GBP 130, USD 160.

I will gladly ship worldwide, just asking the buyer to cover for shipping costs.

PM if you’re interested.

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Is it SB or OC?
It‘s SB. Will upload some pictures when the kids are in bed Smile
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[Image: ecf7e8967986dbcb2daf90e0b23fc117.jpg]

[Image: 7fb248986208e552662186366ea4d8b0.jpg]

[Image: dde7f84a2fff6ffebc28ffa69d19df92.jpg]

Seattle, WA (USA)
Looks like an early model with a 101 mm handle.
(10-04-2018, 10:47 PM)draebeard Wrote: Looks like an early model with a 101 mm handle.

Yeah, it has a long handle...?

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Pm sent
Sold. Please archive

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