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BBRW 7/8 French Tip Thumb-Notch Handground in TN.

7/8 measured from hone wear to edge, 15/16 from top of spine to edge. I’m not sure what Brian was calling this grind. Looking at it I have no idea what to call it. Half hollow? it’s bellied I know that. Let the pictures tell the story. Chamfered brown horn scales, Nickel pins/washers, white wedge, I don’t know, plastic…awesome, hand made by Doc226. A must needed upgrade in my not so humble opinion. Alfredo is the best. The man knows his way around a razor for sure.

I bought this in 2017 hence the “17” stamp on the tang. I have a silly-large collection of razors, so this one was not used much since it’s purchase. Brian hones his razors on one piece of tape. I’ve started over without tape and then again later with tape. I get a better edge with tape on this razor for some reason so keep that in mind that this razor is honed on one piece of tape. It’s shave ready and finished on a Jnat, though to my specs. If it doesn’t suit your fancy hone away and rock on. I know I would. Comes with original box.

$200 Pay Pal “Goods & Services” only.

Priority small box flat rate shipping Free, CONUS.

[Image: 26b0ee3b7f8290f70f3fb30aefeda238.jpg]
[Image: 2cf4671f0bb9610f79b819c3a75ab447.jpg]
[Image: 6b66076a9b7d67a766a6efd6b9c5b09a.jpg]

[Image: 3dd75abf923eddcdf82819edbe40585c.jpg]
[Image: 75f009e42f377e94b4c954b3b94bb94e.jpg]
[Image: 24MPGnN.jpg]


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Man that’s a beauty

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Razor is sold. Thank you buyer and thank you DFS. Cheers!


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