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All prices include priority shipping G+S. CONUS Only.

Iwasaki Kamisori - Paid $425 plus honing - Asking $228 Shipped - SOLD-

-SOLD- Nichigi Tokusen Vintage Japanese Sweedish Steel 6/8 Fullow Hollow Straight razor. Retail - $240, asking $126 Shipped. -SOLD

-SOLD- Leonidum “Nova” in 26MM XD Fan - Retail - $210, Asking $116 Shipped. -SOLD-

[Image: 33-DC7-B70-A064-489-B-BE6-E-057-E6-E7937-FB.jpg]
[Image: FC8-EBFD7-63-B8-4-EDA-BDBB-21-BA4-D971404.jpg]
[Image: 107631-AE-0-DDC-4-CD9-BB77-5-A1550-ECD836.jpg]
[Image: FD30-B73-E-F8-EC-4731-A349-8-E3989648528.jpg]
[Image: 71111651-FE55-41-F1-B8-D4-DF20-C3-A10857.jpg]
[Image: 6-E5-E3173-0422-46-ED-B7-CB-D749-B8-B53-CAB.jpg]

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Wow! Nice sale.

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(09-02-2020, 10:11 PM)BBS Kirk Wrote: Wow! Nice sale.

Thanks Kirk!

Williamsburg, KY
That brush is Be - YOU - Tee - Full

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(09-02-2020, 11:17 PM)Dave in KY Wrote: That brush is Be  -  YOU  -  Tee  -  Full

Thanks Dave!

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Great items and prices buddy!

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(09-03-2020, 12:48 AM)jshaves2554 Wrote: Great items and prices buddy!

Thanks Justin!
Leo sold!

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Nichigi sold!

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All times sold. Please archive

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