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Getting into the game late, I never had a chance to sample Floid Blue. I am currently seeking a substitute and would like about an ounce of the original to use as a comparison. I know it is a valued treasure and to find a donor will be difficult. I will pay shipping and a reasonable, even slightly unreasonable, amount for this product (I probably only have about 20 years left to live so while there is not an immediate crisis... time is still of the essence).
I am sure that you will find someone who will be more than willing to let you have some sample for comparison but incase you don't, pls let me know. I can ship some from India. But it's gonna take 10/12 days to arrive.

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It is quite good but no better than any of the other Floids truth told. Don't feel you have missed the world if only able to obtain the other varieties - even the scent is quite close to my nose
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Problem solved.

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