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Good afternoon, gentlemen.
I offer to sale of Wolfman WRI SB 0,86 (aggressive), the handle Darwin.
The machine was in use several times. Perfect condition. Pack of edges of Gillette 7 o'clock super platinum bonus.
Complete set.
The price is $515, payment of PayPal. Delivery is included in cost. Sending from Russia by post service.
I will make any additional photo, on demand. Sold.

[Image: 1gJ6uGl.jpg]

[Image: NKpubqv.jpg]

[Image: VdC1Tri.jpg]

[Image: H3Acj0s.jpg]

[Image: JFKX8Nk.jpg]

[Image: 0NyG6UF.jpg]

[Image: huVLESf.jpg]

Thank you that looked.

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Suum cuique
PM Sent.

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