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Selling or trading my Wolfman WRH7 Stainless handle.  It is polished but not to a mirror level.  It is in great condition.  I am asking $225 $215 $210 shipped Priority in the continental USA.  I would also consider a trade for a Declaration B6 (plus cash from me) or possibly a pre collaboration Morris & Forndran 2xl, 3xl or Style 1.  I would love a M&F in real horn.  If you want to go to the trade route and have something interesting, let's talk.  Also, check out my other Wolfman items post on the BST as they could factor into a trade too.

[Image: PBrwluB.jpg]
[Image: pwt5cqP.jpg]
[Image: fL1SR1b.jpg]
[Image: Fbk0g2R.jpg]

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Price reduced!
Price reduced again. I want to sell this handle.

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