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Good evening all,

Up for grabs is a Wolfman WR2 in the regular polish and a 1.15 blade gap.  This razor has seen maybe 4 shaves.  I just don't reach for it, and it's taking up space in my den.  This is the solid handle so alittle bit of weight to this razor over all.  $535 US to your door CONUSA and Canada.  To Paypal verified addresses only, no trades and must be in US funds, and not converted to CAD.  If you use the paypal app, it sends CAD, so please dont use it...  Comes with Wolfman box.

PM with interest!

[Image: icEYy5R.jpg]
[Image: 5NXBxmS.jpg]
[Image: Mc1HOSl.jpg]
  [Image: 1Z81mIt.jpg][Image: 1ajwZOh.jpg][Image: E1hsuIc.jpg]

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