Munich area, Germany
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Gents, I'm looking to sell a brand new WR2 (1.05 SB, WRH7 98mm, basic polish)

Got on the waitlist last September, and got the razor just last week, but I don't really need it, as I've settled on others. It's unused and has been taken out of the cardboard box for the pics only!

Lead time for orders placed on the waitlist is about a year, so here's your chance to grab one!

Looking for 500 EUR, which is what I've paid including shipping, import sales tax and customs charges. Shipping within the EU is included, shipping outside the EU to be discussed.

[Image: 4ncKJ3g.jpg]

[Image: a2x4Cyf.jpg]

[Image: KnECf0k.jpg]

[Image: P71BtfQ.jpg]

[Image: HYPIvyz.jpg]

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Munich area, Germany
Sold pending funds.

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