Mexico City
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Thinning out the den a little bit, all prices includes worldwide shipping and pay pal fees, im shipping from México City via registered mail with insurance. If you want another shipping method let me know so we can work something out, thank you!

Charcoal Goods Lvl 2 in copper $220 $210 $200, gen 1 baseplate the one with more audible feedback, the razor was the polished version and the color you see is the natural patina that the razor has been developed in the past 5 months, it has some nice colors in the top cap and handle. Comes with his box and wood coaster. https://imgur.com/a/5Awfxeo

[Image: NmcPj1f.jpg]
*SOLD Wolfman WR1 .61 SB WRH2 Handle in what is called now Brushed Satin Finish $450. Razor is in great condition and comes with his box, no wiping cloth https://imgur.com/a/qzwBdt5

*SOLD RazoRock Mamba 70 Head Only $40, it's a nice shaver but a little bit mild for my taste, ideal for daily shaving. https://imgur.com/a/6ZOgGzg

*SOLD RazoRock Lupo NEW $30, Didn't use this one but it's a copy of a wolfman wr .61, if thats the case its a great shaver. https://imgur.com/a/Cf3uJwQ

Mexico City
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New prices Charcoal Goods $210 & Mamba 70 $35 SOLD Worldwide shipping and paypal fees included.

Mexico City
Weekend bump, just the Charcoal Goods razor available, take it for $200 worldwide shipping & paypal fees included. thank you!

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