Knothead Brush Works custom brush auction for DFS. Read more here!!

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Used 3 times - great lather, but just not right for me - new, this is $40 shipped on the WK site - selling for $18 shipped
[Image: IRgVjbn.jpg]
[Image: aQRf3jn.jpg]
[Image: go9H43q.jpg]

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it's $24 new on the site.

Without shipping, it is $24.
I think he put the price with shipping,
it is $40 in whollykaw website with shipping.
[Image: Untitled.jpg]

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thank you - yes, it's $40 shipped from the WK site...

The WK website needs an overall. If you click on 'Change Address' you can select First Class or Priority Mail and has a more appropriate shipping cost. $18 shipped is a fair price. Good luck with sale.

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