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I've owned this razor for about 6 months and have used it a couple times. I enjoy it, but rarely use it. My heart belongs to straight razors. 

Looking to trade this razor for something else that I will use more often. ARC finish does show minor signs of use. I received it this way. I've used it with nylon washers. 

Triad Titanium handle measures 11mm by 79mm.

Most interested in straight razors around 7/8. I have been eyeing a Koraat lately.  

f you have something else, send a pm. 


Now for sale. $225 shipped CONUS 

Would prefer to keep this CONUS

[Image: WKF6hE6.jpg]

[Image: mAAro1A.jpg]

[Image: ZN8FHDm.jpg]

[Image: B4n76hO.jpg]
Now for sale.

Still looking for straight razor if you prefer trades.

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