Metro Detroit
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Both razors for $250. The WB might sell for that much by itself. It is shave ready and an excellent instrument, professionally honed recently.
The Stewart is a work of art that does need to be honed before shaving. Check out those scales!
These are both excellent razors, but I am not going to use them - DE are the type for me.
I'm open to trades that include some cash.

PayPal only
Buyer pays shipping
International shipping negotiable

[Image: mJGMRaN.jpg]
[Image: r1StO6L.jpg]
[Image: lsJklkU.jpg]

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Do you know Sizes? And have open pictures to show blade faces and points?

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Metro Detroit
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The WB is 8/8, and the Stewart is 5/8
I will add more photos as soon as I can.
[Image: n5FcZdK.jpg]

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Paul is an awesome guy. Buy with confidence

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Metro Detroit
Price reduced to $250 for both or make an offer individually.

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