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Here is a vintage single edge razor lot that I don't seem to use. The lot consists of the following:

1  Ever-Ready 1912 in near mint condition and shiny (forgive my inept photography)
1  GEM 1912 Jr in near mint condition and shiny (again, forgive my inept photography)
1  Schick injector Type I in near mint condition with a cartridge of blades (not sure how many in it).
2  GEM Contour II razors, which I think are the last of the GEM razors produced. Razors in excellent condition, some minor scratches.
1  GEM G-Bar, not the prettiest, but in working condition
10  Personna PTFE blades

U.S. shipping included. $75  $65  for the lot.

[Image: 1WJKOxi.jpg]
I have reduced the price for the vintage razor lot to $65 shipped U.S. Again, I do want to remind you that the two 1912 razor are actually quite shiny and pretty. My inept photography shows them otherwise. The lot is priced to go.

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