Woodstock, VT
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New in Box.

Bought a bunch of these as gifts. One left over intended for a cartridge shaving friend who’s too ‘busy’ he says to give our way a try!!Rolleyes

$40 conus. Thanks

[Image: QY14RHK.jpg]

Oslo, Norway
Care to post overseas, Max?
That's too bad!! That friend doesn't know what he's missing out on. For instance.....
1. Developing more than one new "disorder"
2. An increase in his internet addiction (mostly forums)
3. Financial decisions that force him to choose between groceries or more soap to go along with the latest razor he bought last week.
4. Martial issues due to all the packages that arrive almost daily along with how he will begin to take possession of all "extra" bathroom space. (Closet space too)

With 6 different packages that I'm waiting on, I'm now sitting here thinking how good of a deal this is and how I've yet to try a variant. Smh!!

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Woodstock, VT
Sorry Halvor just a quick domestic on this one today. Thanks

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