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For sale is my beloved Timeless Ti .95DC. Honestly I love everything about this razor, no real reason to get rid of it as far as performance. Reason for sale is I recently acquired my grail razor, a CG, and I’m a one razor kinda guy.

Selling the razor and stand as is. Shown in pictures are minor blemishes, one on the bottom of the handle and another on the edge of the SB side of the baseplate (does not alter quality of shave).

Scratch & Dent sells the full open comb with stand for $235. This is Dual Comb: OC and SB, which raises the price $40.

My price is $260. This is CONUS only, and includes shipping.

[Image: L3QZ3NY.jpg][Image: GkQ9m1X.jpg][Image: vPXLHQ7.jpg][Image: rrhn1RM.jpg][Image: rKDRS0t.jpg][Image: mZlfQGc.jpg]

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One of my favorite razors! The .95 SB is perfect for shaving everyday. Good luck!

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Melfort, SK Canada
Nice Razor. A shame that Canadian whiskers are out. Good luck with the sale.

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