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Hi everyone,

Up for your consideration is the Timeless "The Gift" set.
I have another Timeless, so I don't use this one much.
I'm asking $225.00 PayPal, and CONUS only please.
Thanks for looking Smile

The Gift Safety Razor Kit includes:

1 Scalloped head 0.68 BLADE GAP (base and cap) : Stainless Steel
1 H2 handle: 14mm dia x 100mm long PINEAPPLE DESIGN : Stainless Steel --(I also have the dimpled handled if you would rather that one instead)
1 14mm stand : Stainless Steel

[Image: 5RGODrS.jpg]

[Image: yXDjkQp.jpg]

[Image: fhBLaxa.jpg]

[Image: U9aWHYT.jpg]

[Image: Qkx61VX.jpg]

[Image: K4GUGGS.jpg]

[Image: 8JmOk57.jpg]

[Image: FJ7XgZj.jpg]

[Image: NM2b4iS.jpg]

[Image: wUqH7u5.jpg]

[Image: IgXqEYB.jpg]

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Is that polished or matte finish? I can't tell sorry.

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