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Hi, I'm selling my Timeless gear because I just don't find myself using it anymore after getting a dual comb WR2

What's left:
.95 dual comb open/sb base plate. $100
.95 OC base plate $50
scalloped top cap $45

[Image: ZGehVbd.jpg][Image: E3nt8Ch.jpg][Image: QjRVYil.jpg][Image: PJ9q0UZ.jpg]

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ok, want to move this, so price drop. dual comb is not cheap, so this is a good deal
Yes sir, i am interested in the handles and stands. [i have those heads]. Spit those?
Thanks in advance

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Deal accepted. PM Sent. Thx

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Hey scb 

I sent you a PM about purchasing a top cap. Please reply if interested

updated original post with what's left

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