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I guess all the years of straight razors shaving have honed my taste for single edge razors, especially the fairly mild ones, like the OneBlade, Colonial Razors The General and a selection of the Classic GEMS. That's why I am slowly moving away from the double edge. Here I offer the Timeless 0.68 SB mounted on a generic West Coast Shaving stainless steel handle, which gives the razor good weight. The Timeless razors are exceptionally well made and give the sweetest of shaves, as you well know. I have used the shave head only once, so it's in perfect condition. The shave head cost $175, and the handle somewhere around $15. The razor is yours $150  $130 shipped U.S. Paypal is fine; no trades, please. Thanks.

[Image: estfWbQ.jpg]
[Image: CKUpXmv.jpg]
Is this razor mild, medium or aggressive? Can you compare it to something we all know?
(04-01-2018, 10:04 PM)mrgr8ful Wrote: Is this razor mild, medium or aggressive? Can you compare it to something we all know?


The Timeless shave head comes with two distinct blade gaps: 0.95 and 0.68. This is the milder version of the Timeless, with the 0.68 blade gap. Now, this is not as mild as, say, Feather AS D-2, or the RazoRock Mamba or ATT M1. It is a more efficient shaver than these, and far smoother than the ATT M1. Yes, it is a mild razor, but it is as smooth as silk.

I have had the Wolfman, BBS1, ATT and scores of other modern DE razors. In my opinion, none is as smooth as Timeless. Anyway, yes, this is on the high end of mild or the low end of mid-aggressive razors.

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Thanks Obie. I needed that...
You are very welcome, Vic.

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That handle looks like it was made for that Timeless head. You could have fooled me.
It's quite a handsome handle for being a generic stainless steel model. And it works well in the razor.
I have reduced the price on the razor to $140 shipped U.S. Get it while it's hot — or something like that. It's a great razor.
The price is now reduced to $130 for the Timeless .068 SB. It's priced to go.

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