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Here are three more items that I should pass on for those who will use them. The price includes U.S. shipping. Paypal is fine. No trades, please. Thanks.

This is RazoRock's Game Changer. The gap is the original .68.  I think I might have used it once. It is in mint condition. The razor is priced at $49.99. Your price is $40.  (SOLD)
[Image: bIZYBh3.jpg]

I have not used this RazoRock MJ 90. So it's been sitting in the rack and making faces at me. It comes with both plates. It's in mint condition. New, the razor is priced at $39.90. Your price is $30.
[Image: DuvJvcf.jpg]  (SOLD)

This is the OneBlade Tuxedo shave brush, new and never used. It's a sweet little brush. New, the brush is around $40. Your price is $20.  (SOLD)
[Image: RrVrxcX.jpg]

The Vie-Long synthetic brush is overshadowed by Edwin Jagger and Muhle. It's a sweet synthetic brush though. It is in excellent condition. New, I think it cost me around $40. Your price is 20. (SOLD)
[Image: P1lwE2x.jpg]

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The Game Changer has sold. The MJ90 and the two brushes are still available.
The MJ90 razor is sold. The two sweet brushes remain.
The OneBlade brush is sold. The only item left is the Vie-Long synthetic brush. That's a sweet brush, and quite handsome in the jade color handle — which reminds me of the movie Romancing the Stone. You certainly can't beat the price. Thanks.

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