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Here are a few things that I don’t use that I am willing to part with.  Everything will ship to US addresses only.  Please PM me if interested.  All prices include shipping.

1) Timeless .95 SB scalloped bar and smooth cap with Rocnel Elite handle and Rocnel Elite short handle.  Used twice.  Got this shortly before my .95 custom dual comb and ended up using the DC exclusively. $140.00
[Image: 0dc9f0a4b02f130073d5ca58ade34a2e.jpg][Image: b0039dc6d0648388f9bc52cccd6418e7.jpg][Image: d53db4cebc4d78d35523192cb5e02dac.jpg]

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This is a great deal on this razor. Let me know if anyone is interested. Getting ready to list it on EBay.

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SOLD, please archive

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