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I have some software items for sale. Shipping will be within CONUS: $2 per order for everything except Rockwell. Because of the size of that box, shipping is $5.  PayPal is fine.  If there are other arrangements needed, please PM me and we can discuss.

Also of note, I'll be putting in random free items in orders, at my discretion/supply.

***SOLD***Just added - Rockwell 6S. Purchased brand new at Pasteur Pharmacy at the end of September 2017. I’ve used this about 2-3 times, and as you can see from the pictures, it is mint. Comes with all packaging, plates and the original blades (none were used). $80

[Image: o8EraQl.jpg]
[Image: Pmb1ILU.jpg]
[Image: GBffX2T.jpg]

*** SOLD** Merkur 34C - no issues. $19

[Image: Hps4I7S.jpg]
Price drops.
34C has been sold. Added Rockwell 6S for sale.
Had some interest in the Rockwell especially but all are still available beyond the 34C.
Rockwell has been sold!

Price drops on remaining items.
Big price drop on remaining items.
Bump for final reductions.

Idaho Falls, Idaho
Great guy to deal with
(03-07-2018, 10:10 PM)Lipripper660 Wrote: Great guy to deal with

Thanks! I’m glad you are happy!

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