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For sale is a hardly used Thater 4125/3 in 2-band.  I’m using only synthetic brushes these days so this one is just gathering dust. Soft tips with just the right backbone, measure 28x55mm.

US$115 105 including shipping to US/Canada.

[Image: b2f219018c2d803acbb9f99ec1e1b40d.jpg]
[Image: 1d3ceaf122e45455fe0f0069ea8165d3.jpg]
[Image: dc1656aba04fb0610d3d040998641aa7.jpg] REDUCE
Price reduced to $105 and including the Yaqi DOC razor head and samples pictured below.

[Image: b0feecbd1b43464f653ce7241a3e4ed7.jpg]
Price reduced to US$95

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