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I have a great condition Tatara MASAMUNE Premium Safety Razor Set for sale at $149.  Paypal fees and US shipping included.  This includes both SB and Open Comb base plates.  Please see the pictures below and let me know if you require more close up pictures or have questions.
[Image: Mcwor46.jpg]
[Image: BZlhVLa.jpg]
[Image: maG4e5z.jpg]

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Amazing price. Good luck...

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What a price! I love my set and some lucky buyer is going to get a killer deal. GLWTS.

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Beautiful Set. Best wishes with the sale

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Hi Venkat,
I tried to send you a pm but it was rejected; something about a quota being reached? Anyway, if you are willing to ship overseas I’ll take the razor off your hands.
Kind regards,
Sold.  Thanks to DFS and buyer.  Appreciate all who showed interest and inquired.

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