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Offering for sale ($95 CONUS) or trade TWO sets of the Merchandise 7x LE. Interested in MDC, Nuavia (except Blue), Talbot, ADP, SMN, Talbot, WK Pasha’s Pride. If you have something else interesting to offer let me know.

One soap has a small sample removed with a plastic cosmetic spatula and one bottle of AS was opened and three drops were used to test its smell. The other set is untouched.

I could also sell the sets separately:

Sampled set - $47 CONUS SOld
Untouched set - $52 CONUS Sold

Please send me a PM if interested.

Thank you,

[Image: oeIn0Em.jpg]

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The untouched set is spoken for
Take the remaining set for $45 Delivered CONUS

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Trade for an unused MLS Bodhisattva?
Thank you for the offer, but MLS soaps are not among my favorites.
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The second set has been spoken for too!
Everything is SOLD. Thank you DFS and fellow members!

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