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Gorgeous copper material. A bit on the aggressive side for my taste. Great condition. Price new is $95 + shipping and currently unavailable.

Asking: $85

[Image: 002662cff78d042626be2112b120211c.jpg]

[Image: 87acdfcad9db43355c45c9b26da9480c.jpg]

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If I'd not just bought one of my own, would be all over that. I love aggressive razors and the CGL3 is my favorite, just a hair above the Wolfman WR1 .94. Incredibly aggressive, blade-forward and smooth. The only razor that's closer (in my book) is the Ikon Tech but it lacks the smoothness that makes CG so wonderful. If you wind up having to cut your price, let me know. At some point would become too attractive to say no. But I'm sure someone will take it long before then (if it isn't gone already).
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Price drop: $85

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