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Bump 9/20/19 with pictures. This brush is fine, just not my cup of tea. Used maybe a dozen times, if that. Price new is  $32.95 + $4.55 shipping so I paid $37.50 total.  I will sell it for $20 including shipping to any US address (more if foreign). Thanks for looking.

[Image: rn3lZyh.jpg]

[Image: LoeCRha.jpg]
I tried to but it's too many kilobytes to fit into DFS limitations. Let me work on it some more. Maybe I can make smaller. Thanks for your interest. Please stand by.

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Stirling's picture is at https://www.stirlingsoap.com/collections...-striped-1. I will try my best to take a pic of mine but I am not a good photographer. Hang in there please.

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Bump to include pictures

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