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The RAW RS-10 is the most efficient and comfortable DE razor I've ever used. In addition to the Paradigm SE and the OneBlade Genesis, the RS-10 is also my favorite safety razor. As a predominantly straight razor shaver for some years, I generally prefer the single edge to the double edge. That's why, with medical bills piling up after two knee operations since August, I need to pass on the RS-10. The razor is in perfect condition. It comes with both plates, mild and aggressive — actually, I've never unpacked the aggressive plate. New, the razor cost $365. Your price, shipped U.S., is $315  $295.  U.S. sales only, and no trades, please. Paypal is fine. Thanks.

[Image: J8Bm6vq.jpg]
[Image: tOXEPvo.jpg]
[Image: F0r6b3o.jpg]

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I have reduced the price on the razor to $295. Get it while it's hot — or something like that.

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The razor has sold. Thank you.

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