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Four brushes for sale. All are non-shedders and come with original shopping boxes/tubes and papers. All have been used less than 5 times.  They have been stored in shipping boxes/tunes so knots are not bloomed in my photos.

Shipping is $8 for  first two items, then &3 for each additional item. Payment through Venmo.

1) Paladin Moe in 26mm Lime with 2CWHB5 knot. SOLD

2) Paladin Moe in 26mm Harlequin with 2CWHB5 knot. SOLD

3) Simpson Duke Manchurian in Butterscotch Marble. SOLD

4) Morris and Forndran/Brad Sears L2 In 24mm Apolina with Blonde Badger. Extremely soft tips with great flow through and backbone. SOLD

1)[Image: 78649ae8ad5959fe3f98e31e640422bd.jpg]
[Image: c24bfd6274038767ab4d080f22df6a66.jpg]
[Image: 71e6a29c6e8bd7716fb019937be5623d.jpg]
[Image: 45b145a22539da22f4b82c107152336d.jpg]
[Image: b3118ca919ca3306d7c9fa994061f0d2.jpg]

2) [Image: 21a0822d28f6371d5e7904b858d222c1.jpg]
[Image: 0de55c84ce436a00caf1b05e162abe8b.jpg]
[Image: 1062907cc90aa4cd1bf184b232b209f7.jpg]
[Image: 9d7bee477592b7b65ab45f9a941327d2.jpg]
3) [Image: c46dcfc825d73bc010a7799040b58998.jpg]
[Image: 5c2067c7a79236a6a7d3f1b416055c78.jpg]
[Image: 3aa93f042944c12b2264fba5fd763356.jpg]

4) [Image: 97bf74e3cc61ac2884ffb9ddcbfd03d7.jpg]
[Image: a5b77ac2e5044446a83dbbe36857dbb5.jpg]

[Image: 7e4d1864714a50e1c2e44cd09f780405.jpg]

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What's the price of no.4?
$180 (retail $190)

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