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I am offering for sell the following sets. Add $5 for shipping. All prices include PP fees:

1. All are unscented soaps. All above 80%. T+S and Stirling well above 90%. Note that Siliski and Soapy Science have been combined and now are 50-50 tubs (great combo imo), for that reason I am including those in the set for free.
Tallow & Steel double shot (original price $33), Wholly Kaw ($18), CRSW Select ($17), Strirling ($12.75), Siliski ($15), Soapy Science ($16). All for $60. $50
[Image: DF1P25b.jpg]

2. Grooming Dept unscented soaps. I believe only one of these is offered by the maker right now. Clarus @70% (original price $17), Pekin used twice ($22), Tacit lathered once ($23). All for $45.  $38 SOLD

[Image: G5T6Q9F.jpg]

3. All unscented soaps. All above 80%, except Tabula Rasa (so it goes for free).
Route 66 (original price $18.5), Sampsons ($22), Oleo Soapwaorks Canard ($17.5), Xpec ($45, cracked lid stabilized, priced accordingly), L&L ($16), Green Mountain ($12), P&B (#14), MdC ($55-70)Tabula Rasa ($31). All for $105. $90.
[Image: Usc47ka.jpg]
*** Now you can get sets 1 and 3, plus a 26mm Shavemac ST D01, unscented AoS (old formulation), a Zenith stubby (I think it is called),  and two aftershave balms. All for $160. ***

[Image: wrQLhvS.jpg]
$100 takes everything.

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