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[Image: PWjoiCE.jpg][Image: KSwjT3l.jpg][Image: dj6c3EW.jpg][Image: LCGMl2K.jpg]CONUS and PayPal only please.

This was only test-lathered once.  Absolutely gorgeous handle, but this 26mm hybrid badger is just too large for my tastes.  I must be more of a 22mm or 24mm guy.

Sold to me last week for $200 plus shipping.  Comes with all original packing, card, tube.

Asking $195 shipped.

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Better picture of the card.
[Image: txt6Jdl.jpg]
Price drop — now $185 shipped.
First Bump
New price — $180 shipped
Second Bump
New Price — $175 — for a basically NEW Paladin.
Beautiful.... if I didn't already have too many Paladins! These recent knots are outstanding. GLWTS.
(I think I know who No.1 is!)
Thanks! Not sure why it’s not moving.
The brush is SPF.

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