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All prices include US shipping.

Sni Mato scooped 1x - $18
THB Elixer used 2x - $15
DG LFDL used 3x - $15
West Egg Set NEW - $40
Mozingo Brushworks blue/bronze - $42
Custom Brass SAK Tinker - $85

If you see something you like, let's work out a deal.

[Image: NVtvOv6.jpg]

[Image: gUqHap1.jpg]

[Image: ou6xqaG.jpg]

[Image: LCLmoTa.jpg]

[Image: Cdd51DV.jpg]

[Image: 1P3mYBj.jpg]

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What size is the Mozingo? 26mm or 28mm?
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PM sent on the Mozingo.

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