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SOLD! Thank you DFS!

Selling a couple of very nice items that I'm just not using.

The Merkur 39c sells for around $49.00 new.

The M&F Polo is appx. 30 x 55 in Finest.

The Simpson Polo 10 Manchurian is ONLY for size comparisons to give you an idea of the M&F size, etc...

CONUS Only. USPS Priority with tracking. Paypal only.

Price for the Brush/Razor: $175.00

[Image: Xb861SN.jpg]

[Image: AGAsW0T.jpg]

[Image: vUDyRVz.jpg]

[Image: Rb3tZxI.jpg]
Is that a true Lee Sabini M&F or is it a collab with Brad Sears?

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