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Would like to trade conus. Looking to try Wunderbar slant if anyone interested. Can do just heads if you like or complete. That handle I have is blue anodized M11 Maggardrazor.
[Image: 3dbf1ae9aa2f52879bfd1f8c03574cb1.jpg][Image: 230820ac0ea08b8c2e9e5295d70134f2.jpg]

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Anyone interested CONUS Priority for $80

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Fixed the sharp handle. Put a chamfer on and did a satin blue look.
[Image: b038f4939611a78046cbffd0a36092e6.jpg][Image: f827601b7f1a271a8c69fbfbceed252f.jpg][Image: 80848aab758ff6f23311b89a0f08da7e.jpg][Image: cc131bd4909b63b9555ff6e4474942e0.jpg]

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The mixed handle looks pretty sweet. Nice work there!

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