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I've decided to go minimalist and am selling most of my brush collection.  Most of these are in
excellent to like new condition.  I am the original owner of all except the three that show just
a little bit of wear which would be the Rooney, New Forest and butterscotch Simpson M7.  I will try to get
as many brushes mailed out as I can on Tuesday as I'm a little short staffed at my job.  Shipping is 
$4 for purchases under $100 and will be shipped first class, and shipping for $100 or more will be $7.50 
and will be shipped priority.

Epsilon 26mm fan $45
Thater 26mm fan $79
Paladin Chief 28mm bulb 2clnb6 $170
Paladin Keyhive 26mm bulb 2clsj5 $120
Wolf Whiskers 24mm maggard shd fan $79
Shavemac 26mm Unique ATG 2clsj5LE $105
Paladin PK47 26mm fan $140
Doug Korn w/Epsilon 1st gen silvertip (loose knot) $69
Turn-n-Shave 28mm fan $64

Simpson Ch2 Super $160
Wolf Whiskers Maggard 26mm shd 2 bulb $89
Paladin LE 26mm bulb #XLVI $240
Viking handle w/ 26mm Maggard shd $59
SOLD Paladin Samurai LE 2clnd6 $240
Turn-n-Shave 26mm fan $64
Thater 25mm bulb $100
Brad Sears 30mm bulb $79
SOLD Hucklaration 28mm fan $220

Paladin 26mm Lotus $110
Romero 30mm fan $99
SOLD Shavemac 26mm Ebonite fan $110
Viking handle w/ 26mm Maggard shd $59
SOLD Mozingo LE 26mm handle (no knot) $45
Simpson Ch2 Manchurian $280
Paladin 26mm PK47 2clsj5 $110
Grizzly Bay 26mm fan $59

Simpson Ch2 Silvertip $240
Prometheus 26mm fan Tip Soft $59
Shavemac 26mm do1 silvertip $59
Turn-n-shave 26mm Maggard SHD $59
Leonidham 28mm bulb $109
Shavemac 26mm bulb $79
Rooney Emilion Size 2 super badger $190

Thater 26mm bulb $109
Paladin 28mm Chief bulb 2cwhb5 repainted letters $110
Paladin 26mm Chief bulb 2csnd3 $105
Wolf Whiskers 24mm Maggard shd $69
Paladin Anniversary LE 2clna6 $260
Shavemac 26mm unique fan ATG LE $105
Wild West w/simpson manchurian (from M7 handle) $79
Epsilon 26mm fan Shavemac two band $89
Turn-n-Shave 28mm fan $69

Simpson M7 Manchurian $140
Paladin Buck Rogers 26mm fan 2csnl3 repainted letters $99
SOLD Paladin Chief 26mm fan 2clsj5 $110
Grizzly Bay 26mm fan $64
New Forest black tubby 26mm $79
Saville Row 26mm silvertip bulb $89
Brad Sears 28mm DFS LE $79
TDR 26mm fan $64
Brad Sears 26mm fan $69

[Image: H4sC0ih.jpg]

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Are the turn and shave brushes tip knots? Specifically the one on the right, second row up?
(11-11-2019, 02:02 AM)Gravity Wrote: Are the turn and shave brushes tip knots? Specifically the one on the right, second row up?
The red t-n-s is a tipsoft knot.

Idaho Falls, Idaho
That's a badger farm right there!

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