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BEAUTIFUL GUEST ARTISAN - DECLARATION/CARNAVIS C&R, beautiful polished top, blasted bottom aluminum handles with DECLARATION 28mm B6 knot - The B6 knot has excellent backbone and soft tips. Brand New- ONLY  Hand lathered 2x to clean knot. FREE shipping Conus International available.  I paid  $250 directly from Declaration Grooming. Asking $250 +$7 priority shipping [Image: bb55b2235ca86b5dcabfb16fe83793e7.jpg][Image: 18d61fa1ae63c2e00a1890a852e2e6c3.jpg][Image: 169c18b722beb7917897d49fd559644a.jpg][Image: 0750ea24229d76f60d1f9166ac241311.jpg][Image: a54aa449809a09847c35cb82c33577a0.jpg][Image: 66b606d609ef6e7a33f47bc48ac22943.jpg][Image: 0430eafd0dfeae6894cab7b5f9958e67.jpg][Image: 426880974c4a6ec6795d87baeb641621.jpg]

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I have the same brush and love it !

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