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APR: Torchwood - SOLD

Up for grabs is a complete set of one of APR's latest releases

Other than a small scrape from the edge of one side of the tub, (see pic) the soap is Brand New. Splash & EdP haven't even had the caps removed.

$110 with shipping included.
Ships from Ontario, Canada
The sale is open to CONUS and Canada residents only.

PayPal G&S, add 6% to cover fees.

Looking to fund an NSR purchase, so, unfortunately, I am not looking to make any trades.

Thanks for looking.[Image: YZaNB5h.jpg]
[Image: EE1cxgJ.jpg]
This is a great cooler weather scent.
It took me a bit before it settled and I 'got' it, yet worthwhile affording it the time to do so in my opinion Smile

Philadelphia, PA
hi, please fix your thread as paypal f&f is not allowed on DFS: https://damnfineshave.com/announcement-bst-rules

once done, report the thread and we'll move it back.
Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.

Ah yes. Apologies.
I misunderstood and thought that G&S was 'preferred'.

Consider it done.

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