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I have for sale 100 Gillette 7 o'clock yellow blades and two pucks of the new Razorock triple milled soap.

I bought the blades to give them a shot and subsequently received a free tuck with a BST purchase. Unfortunately, despite the love these seem to get throughout the community, they are just not for me. So, I have 20 5-packs (100 blades) for sale. I paid somewhere in the ballpark of $15 for these.

I also recently got the four pack of Razorocks newest iteration of triple milled soaps. While I love the blue scent and the yellow is also good, the other two scents are just not for me. Thus I am looking to sell the puck of Black (A barbershop fougere) and the puck of Green (A woody aromatic). Both are really just not my cup of tea.

I have scraped a tiny bit from the bottom of both pucks to smell it lathered. No water / brush has touched either puck, they are clean and new. With sales and a coupon, I was able to get four pucks for $20 (shipping is outrageous with IB).

If I can fit it in the box, I am also tossing in a few samples of Dr Jon's Cold War (Sandalwood) series. I did not care for the scents, so instead of using them, I'll just pass them along to someone who may appreciate it. Hopefully they'll find a better home.

I'm not looking to recoup my money, but rather just find these goodies a new home. Since shipping is going to cost me somewhere between $7 and $10, I'm asking $15 for the lot shipped CONUS (PayPal GS).[Image: 18ff621998ef8bbee1045203562a70d0.jpg][Image: b56305e7a640878596db7c9278420867.jpg][Image: 84c7f704238bc6337e4bbf15e240d233.jpg][Image: 63ce47446b45f0417dc7869b37d8845c.jpg]

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I’ll take them if still available.

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New York
Sold pending funds. Thanks everyone for the interest.

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