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Here are a few things that I would love to sale so someone else can enjoy them.

1 Gillette new short comb head cerakoted in black and tungsten with maggard's handle. I will take $40 shipped conus.   SOLD

2 Blackland Vector machined finish with 85+ schick Proline blades. I am the only owner and used it less than 20 times. I will take $165 shipped conus. SOLD

3 Eleven Apollo used 3 or 4 times and a Razorock German 37 slant with barber pole handle. I'll take $33 shipped conus.  How about $25 shipped conus.

PayPal only

Thanks for looking. 
Happy shaves 
[Image: VJbLblY.jpg][Image: e8axo0t.jpg][Image: nOnh8HN.jpg][Image: cCtZLFf.jpg][Image: w1WWlvj.jpg][Image: NPM1E7u.jpg][Image: PGTixoD.jpg][Image: i8UFmgd.jpg][Image: pxE1Yyf.jpg]

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Redwood City
I’ll take the Gillette new off of your hands

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The gillette is sold.
Price drop. $25 shipped conus.

Would you consider any trades?
- Jeff

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