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Hi everyone. Following soaps available. Prices include shipping and PayPal fees. Pics with caps off to show approximate levels of soaps are attached

Cologne Russe SET used 2-3x - $40
Sudsy Soapery Uplift tallow - $15
Tallow and Steel Maya - $15
Tallow and Steel West Indies - $15
Declaration Original - $15
Lisa’s Herbal Creations coconut oud - $20
Lisa’s Herbal Creations - Haute Leather $20

If you think my prices are lame then hit me up via messenger.

Random splashes available for $10 free add on for shipping

Hit me up for options.

[Image: 21d8371cee05a27fbccfa4de71d13f82.jpg][Image: 7e4e53ab658ab3772b168c00e44b5df4.jpg][Image: a22341b82c7227e85fe3be92391ba008.jpg][Image: 8c99794fdf1e421f5abe8e62ba9304a5.jpg][Image: d6bd7fb91a9154d86f4f4deb40bf3cbc.jpg][Image: 221ad81915bbb591a926646cd4f7228c.jpg][Image: 2f437c88f513538c5ad6969ab5b5e1f0.jpg]
Maya and West Indies SOLD
What random splashes ya got?
[Image: 91bd124bf0b5f1959aef576b81cd4d07.jpg]
Lisa’s coconut oud sold
[Image: 5c3de315ca44287c603b8d4ea229f75a.jpg]

Send me offers on anything in this picture. Thank you and happy holidays DFS

Peachtree City, GA
Maya was one of few t&s scents liked although still chewed up face
Just an old slow fat man
Last 2 soaps. Make me an offer for one or both.

[Image: b4ad67c0be37d918bac085cca79727ee.jpg]
All gone. Donated to memorial fund auction on Facebook.

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